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Munro Academy

(Balls Creek, Nova Scotia)


Munro Academy 是一所基督教學校,位於美麗的加拿大新斯科舍省布雷頓角島,提供中小學及大學預備課程。 Munro Academy 的優異之處包括獲獎無數陳及創新的教育,同時擁有完整的基督教世界觀、最佳師生比例、動態課外活動、傑出的畢業生大學入學率和全球服務的機會。



1. 全面英語課程支援
2. 加拿大文化導向,包括體驗式學習機會
3. 提供額外輔導、學術諮詢和課外活動支援等針對性的學術支持
4. 為學生提供職業評估和大學諮詢
5. 設有國際家庭計劃,協助安排家長和學生的加拿大生活





*學費詳情 (2022 - 2023)

* 最終費用以學校公佈為準。



Munro Academy 的 4 英畝校園坐落在一個美麗而樹木繁茂的地區,距離悉尼市的布雷頓地區市中心只有幾分鐘。 作為布雷頓角的知識和工業中心,同時是悉尼機場、布雷頓角大學、市政府和充滿活力的國際旅遊業所在地。 學生在當地可享受許多活動,包括游泳、打高爾夫球、衝浪、冰球、露營、獨木舟和登山等。

安頓服務(Settlement Program)

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"The best memory was lobster fishing.  We got up early in the morning and went lobster fishing.  The sunrise was stunning . . ." 

"My room is upstairs.  If I sit at my desk and stare out the window I can see the beautiful Atlantic Ocean."

"The teachers can pay attention to each one of the students. I had a hard time learning English, but the teachers in school were very supportive of me."

Jooeun - 16 years old

Tokyo, Japan

"We have ESL (English as a Second Language) for International Students every day."


"The students and teachers are really friendly and receptive."


Charles - 15 years old

Wuhan, China

"My relationships have improved since studying abroad. I think it’s because I have free time for my mind.  I am able to love myself because I feel that I am changing little-by-little.  Then I can love other people better too.  Maybe I have a new way to relax and believe in people and myself."


"When I wake up I feel happy because I have no worries about friends and relationships."


"Canada was a turning point for me."

Luna - 16 years old

Tokyo, Japan

"At Munro the classes are really fun.  I was worried about some subjects like French and History .  . . but the teachers and friends always help me when I don’t understand.  They will always explain in an easy way."


"This is the first time that I felt so many things and solved problems by myself.  However, it wasn’t by myself.  Many people helped me."

Irene - 11 years old

Suwon, S. Korea

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