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Blyth Academy

(Toronto, Ontario)


Blyth Academy 是擁有 8 個實體校舍以及兩間線上學校,為第 4 班至第 12 班的學生提供學習的機會,發掘他們的潛能。每個校舍約有 75 - 150 位學生,每班平均有 12 位學生,老師更加能關心學生的進度。



  1. 98 % 畢業生獲得大專院校的取錄,85 % 學生取得獎學金

  2. 國際學生佔總學生人數約 20 %,他們來自超過 40 個國家

  3. 學校一年分為 4 個學期,學生每個學期只需要專心修讀兩科,同時入學時間亦較彈性





*學費詳情 (2024 - 2025)

* 最終費用以學校公佈為準。



Blyth Academy 在安大略省擁有 8 個校舍,分別位於多倫多 (Toronto)、密西沙加 (Mississauga)、惠特比 (Whitby)、伯靈頓 (Burlington)、渥太華 (Ottawa)等。



Ella started with Blyth Academy in Grade 9, after finding their earlier school wasn’t the right fit. It’s at Blyth Academy where Ella found their voice. 

Since joining the school, I have found it easier for me to express myself and my needs. The smaller community has made me value my academic experience and provided me with more confidence and a positive mindset as a student.” 

Ella has found a safe space for them to flourish both academically and socially. “The small class sizes make such a difference in learning and students are free to express themselves in a non-judgmental space. It allows for a more engaging learning environment and has enhanced my ability to learn over the past year and given me more confidence as a student.”  

Since coming to Blyth Academy, Ella has become a very active member of their student body. They are a member of the Student Council and have taken on a big role as a volunteer in the school. 

I attend weekly meetings where my peers and I plan school events, spirit weeks and design the yearbook. I also contribute to extracurricular and volunteer opportunities at the school, whenever it is available to me. Some volunteering I have done are school BBQs, parent teacher interviews and peer mentoring.” 

Ella’s goal this year is to continue to advocate for new student initiatives as a Student Ambassador as well as maintain their 97 per cent academic average. 

The school is welcoming and diverse. I feel that I'm in a safe environment and I have met so many amazing friends during my time here.



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